Friday, May 6, 2011

Of chocolate toasts and rain!

Pune. The first thing that comes to your mind is students, education, universities. I thought so too until i came here and found out for myself. No more does one find a student's innocence and hard work. Over here its a completely different ball game. At least in my college it is.
My article here is not about my events in this city, but about the change I found in the attitude of people here. The most interesting part about a college like mine is that you have students coming from all parts of the world coming here to study and they all have their own way of dealing with their peers. The mixture is what brings about the most beautiful confusion.
Some of them stick in groups, these are the people I cannot stand, they are very possessive about their friends, if you were to hang out with another bunch of students one might actually get offended. I mean how boring is that? There is a whole world filled with people waiting to be met and all you’d rather do is sit around a bunch of people and limit yourself. Another is the kind who has had many restrictions in their earlier life and once given so much freedom doesn’t know what to do with it. These people I genuinely feel sorry about, you would see them awake all through the night cause for them there is always something new to do, or something new to try out. A few other are the horribly rich; they couldn’t care less about anything that happens in college or around them. As long as they have the most fashionable attire and the best of food they are content. The sad part about these kind of people is that no one really gives them too much attention, maybe cause they’re completely useless and ignorant, or they’re happy with their little fantasy island. Another interesting kind are the ones who are goal oriented, and when I say goal oriented I mean goal oriented. They will not let a spec of dirt come in their way , these are also the students who are the popular lot, in a way their work speaks for them. Then, last and probably the least are the people like me, the ones who don’t really care about class assignments and modules as long as the end product is reached, we also generally end up surprising the class when we get our grades cause we hardly ever attend college.
Now for the climax, when all these people were in their own group of friends they probably got along very well. The fun is watching them adjust with each other, doing a group project, put a goal oriented fellow with someone like me and disaster strikes, I wouldn’t end up starting on a project till the eve of the submission, till then the other guy is probably in depression with the amount of frustration he shares with me. Or put the rich and the freedom deprived together, the rich guy ends up dying out of embarrassment and is probably irritated to his optimum with the energy the other shares. But no one can ignore the other; every student is like pawn to the other. No one came here to fool around my friend, no one. Everyone here has a motive, a goal, everyone here leads a fake life, it’s the design industry, either you’re in it or you’re not. Every single word spoken here is manipulated; every gesture has a hidden benefit. Every friend is only a step in one’s ladder to success. This isn’t the world of don vito. Its way worse than that, one wouldn’t give a second thought of trampling over another to get to somewhere. But to my fortune, I am a part of this politics. This is the real world people and we have arrived. My school always said,
“We here not only provide basic education, but also prepare you for the real world. ”
OH!! By the way Pune has some awfully delicious chocolate toasts that go well with the rain.
*Something i wrote almost a year ago