Saturday, November 8, 2008

memoirs of my idleness !!!!!

Today was much better than yesterday .there was more videography work for the rotary club programme at school.....and well i guess tapes didn't get overwritten today..*phew*.....any ways i thought i'd put up some photos i'd taken a few months back when i did abstract so you all can let me know how they are a few:

'nxs disaster.......aaargh!!!!!

Finally here,........ A pretty negative way to start my blog but i'm well super pissed off today.AAAARGH!!!! We had this music competition today and the worst and nothing but that happened to me....Prakhar came over to me in the morning today and handed over his handycam to me and told me to take the whole footage of their gig today....seeing him vishruth from TISB handed another two cameras....All this because they happened to love the video i did for our IT with three cameras on my shoulder i go right up to the centre on the audi and pick a good seat to shoot....then our vice principal lydia joshua blasts the hell out me saying that i'm very casual in my behaviour and i should learn my manners and not come up and take a seat behind her......i apologized and moved on ......the TISB gig started and i was doing fine till vishruth's vocal solo started ....half way through the memory card got full and that too in the middle of the excellent i switched to prakhar's camera and shot the other half of his song.......then all's well ....cotton's come play thier gig and walk off and i have a severe pain in my right shoulder holding prakhar's heavy handycam(OWW!!!)......every one walks up to me and asks me to show them the video.....i oblige and do so......they rewind the tape watch it and leave.......i like a jack ass start recording other performances without forwarding the tape hence the whole cottons performance is well.HISTORY.!!!......but that's one part of the story.....i guess i had enough trouble today and thinking it just could not get worse i fall of my bicycle on my way back as i write this post my right shoulder and my left knee hurt real bad.....All i ever wish for is some luck.....i'll put up some photos of the cottns 'nxs music competition later cause well cottons won it like every other time but i thought TISB put up a great show too...anyways....till then........tada!!!!