Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rio - A Film Review

They say,"Watch a film with a blank mind." That is exactly what i did today when i went to watch Rio in 3D. The screenplay structure was rather common and applied in most of the children's films i've seen. It followed a very familiar pattern. Apart from that,Rio is a brilliantly directed film by Carlos Saldanha. After his Ice Age series, the humour and content has just not died down. I struggled to keep myself bored through the film, it kept me enthralled throughout. The characters where beautifully portrayed, even the minor characters of the bull dog(Luiz) and the small birds(Pedro and Nico) had a lot of depth in them. Nigel's character was something that proved that animation is as much, if not more expressive than reel films. Powerful acting and voice. The main character's of Blu and Angel stood out, and the supporting roles made a great contribution to their presence.
The script had some beautifully written dialogues, very well timed and extremely funny.

The shots used in the film, with brilliant animation rendering is a joy to watch, especially for a film maker. The camera goes wild in the film with a lot of conceptual match cuts in the film. Although the 3D technology was not justified in the film. the characters appeared out of the screen at wrong and random times. I doubt it would make any difference if i saw the same film in 2D.
The music and choreography was another marvelous feature of the film. Will.I.Am did a great job voicing pedro and with the music. Also Black eyed peas' 'Magalenha' and 'Mas Que Nada' made an appearance in the film.
Over all the film is a great watch. I would definitely recommend a theatre watch. Also, i will be looking forward to Carlos' ice Age 4 soon. The trailer looks promising.

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  1. Cool review.. I agree that the movie would have done equally well in 2D.


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