Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Didn’t Knew It.

If you’re laughing over my title already, I think my job here is done. Yes, that’s exactly the phrase I’ve been hearing since I joined college. No consideration for the English language whatsoever. Either you talk in Hindi or they’ll pin you down. Can you imagine this?
It’s completely preposterous. Let me tell you how we get ragged. This guy walks up to you asks you to sing and dance, most of us do it, those who cant don’t. But if you can translate you course in Hindi, you’ll be the talk of the town, and don’t forget your introduction has to be given in Hindi only. Now I am not pinning down the language, Hindi happens to be my most favourite subject in school. But I completely disagree to the fact that it should be forced down on others and someone who speaks English fluently be looked down and thought to have an extreme attitude problem.
Not only do they stress on speaking in Hindi, but also make a complete mockery of English. Here are a few good examples of our new improvised and edited grammar:
"I didn’t knew it."
"I didn’t made it."
"I’ll ate it tomorrow."
Will you came to my house tomorrow?"
Even my Microsoft word editor points out these mistakes to me. Sigh
Who? Seriously tell me, Who gave these people a 10th standard pass certificate. Us few having attained good convent education weep and sadden ourselves over the pathetic state of our language.
Now, about respect in college. A junior would only dare call a senior by his name or address him personally. I’m, serious how much freaking attention do you guys wants from us? If you think you deserve the respect then command it, and the fact that you joined college a year or two before me doesn’t prove the fact that you’re better than me at everything you do. Does not mean you get first preference for all that happens.
Now comparing this to school, I remember my juniors loosing their heads on me if I made mistakes, I never uttered a word, and I don’t even remember referring to anyone as my junior or senior. I never expected them to respect me at all, you command it. You don’t take offense for silly jokes pointed at you. You eat from the same plate in the canteen. Most of all you’re a true friend in college and no one puts on a mask in front of you.
Anyway, this is what I need to deal with for another four years; all of you enjoy school till you have it, and if you’re already in college then god save your soul.
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I’m off to go do grammar exercises now, else my next article will … umm… you know what …

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  1. Well written! i loved it and i completely agree to the grammaer you say to i when you writting this bunderfull article!


  2. Thanks shyam !!! you know how pune is :)

  3. I was made to do a pole dance near fasoos when I refused to light a senior's smoke. The weirdest part, I was ragged by the BBA crowd. :/
    Weird people in college with disgusting language sense and/or skills. What I get to hear -
    "Tell to me"
    "Hum apko annoyed krdiye?"


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