Saturday, April 9, 2011

Promise Land

Can I go to the Promise Land?
Or must I follow the devil's plan?
Where mushrooms speak of sea and sand;
Hearts flow free, without a ban.

Will the dragons blow fire?
Will they put me on their back?
Will they dive into the ocean?
And bring me back?

The walls will break on my command,
The sea will part, to turn to land.
I know this happens in the Promise Land.
Must I still follow the devil's plan?

I write this poem on the devil's desk,
Could I write better from an Ogre's chest?
With chocolate in a Phoenix quill;
The promise is going to lure me in.

I'll come someday, I know I will;
The devil chain's me to the ground
My roots are strong, but not the soil,
I'll swim with the dragons, safe and sound.


  1. Well written.
    Even though poems aren't my thing.

    Oh and for your comment on my blog, thank you DAD.

  2. Strangely reminded me of Hogwarts. Dragons, phoenix and quills.

    Interesting read though :D

  3. Thanks guys!!
    PS- This wasn't meant to be anywhere near hogwarts, but sure !! if you feel that way :)


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