Saturday, April 9, 2011

Angry Birds #frustration

Seriously! How hard is it to kill these pigs. I got the Angry birds game on my mac a few days ago and have been playing it every idle moment. I doubt its addictive, its a lot more frustrating when you cant kill those green assholes. I stayed up till 5 last night finishing this level. I just couldn't put myself to sleep regardless of how tired i was. My neck hurts, My back is throbbing, but till i kill those pigs i wont rest. Why have i become this way? I was never a gamer. Aren't these stupid games made for fun on mobile phones? Why cant i just let go?
Oh! Also there is a film coming out on the angry birds, can you imagine that? A mobile game being turned into a full movie. I guess film makers really need to evolve. But, honestly I'd be a Hippocratic if i said its stupid and must be shown its place. After all who is the one staying up all night playing this shit.

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