Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ronjoy's Standing Ovation

Today was the 4th year's pre jury for their degree project. I went along to see ronjoy's jury, cause i'd worked as a DOP in his films.
He started his presentation and couldn't read his own ppt. I was practically helping him open his pen drive. Poor fellow forgot his glasses. He luckily knew the course of his slides. He introduced me as his head Director of Photography(felt really nice). Just as the 5 music videos finished, one of the jury members got up form his chair and stared clapping, he said that Ronjoy's work deserved a standing ovation. Poor ronjoy didn't know how to react, seeing this me and Kreena soon got up too and started clapping.
I think he deserved this after all the hardships he's faced and after 4 months of planning this entire project. Kudos to Ronjoy Chatterjee.

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