Sunday, April 3, 2011


It's not really news that India won the cricket world cup. The tension, the enthusiasm, the cheer, the excitement, the victory and the celebration is what comprises of a World cup final for every indian.
Jam packed in Burger Times yesterday for the match, it was an experience of a lifetime. Not a single dull moment. Everyone cheered till their lungs got sore. We damaged 2 steel plates till they looked liked they were owned by a beggar. Sachin finally had a world cup medal in his career.
The streets filled with people hugging everyone, dancing, throwing beer, and most of all screaming VICTORY!
I cant begin to fathom the pressure on the indian cricket team, when each and every single one of us have so much hope and belief in them. Imagine 1.2 billion counting on you.
I had a great night. Danced till my toes got sore. here are a few pictures from what happened where i stay. I doubt they're any clear. But there was madness on the streets. SHEER MADNESS !!


  1. Well i thought it was of great importance. Not the fact that we won and shit. But the whole country coming together !!! It's definitely an experience im going to remember for a long time to come. Also i'm glad you're reading my blogposts

  2. Dudeeeee. I was here too!
    But you the bestest part?

    We won the Cup, on my birthdaaay! MY birrrthday!
    Best gift ever. !


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