Saturday, March 26, 2011

I stink bad

Reviewing my past few posts. my blog my life calendar. what shit. I'm sure people care and want to read more interesting stuff. I should put a "Dear Diary," before every post.
Ab mast likhega. Damn fucking boring my blog is man. What shit! But, I guess its also cause i cant write about a lot of shit that happens in my life.
I'm gonna try and be better from now on and no telling you all how my day was.
Or can i just do that? doesn't hurt does it?
Not like anyone reads this shit. I think i'll sign up for some kind of traffic program or something. Like a free one.

Picture Banayi !

Yea Yea !! I know im trying to be cool again with my title. but just watch the film alright. I didn't wanna put my film ka title here. So if any random guy sees this post. comment and let me know how you like man.

Good night now. Bye

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Forced Blog

Yes! I'm forcing myself to do this. Well the past few days have been rather exciting, and i've been wanting to share about all those incidents separately as they all happened. But, then i was a little lazy, just wanted to have a cool blog and do nothing about it.
But these darned blogs don't update themselves you see. you need to sit and type all this shit down. I mean everything that you do and think of putting it here. you need to bloody log in and type. Wish it would update itself. wish there was a mobile blogging app. Blogger mobile sucks.
coming back to the point. So, yea! A lot of things happened the past week and i honestly don't know where to start from. Here is a quick review :

  1. Dad came to Pune.
  2. Dad met Ana
  3. Dad got 4 packet's of Bheema's Biryani(Yes! this is super important. I'll speak of my love for biryani later)
  4. Went swimming after ages
  5. Had food in the Hyatt an entire DAY!
  6. India won the match
  7. Finally finished Ronjoy's shoot and cried at the screening

Well these things were the highlights of my week. trust me. best week I've had since ages.

Wish i could put up pictures of the biryani and the shoot and stuff. Next time.

I'm going to go and attend ronjoy's jury tomorrow. Wish me luck. i hope they say good things about his shots.

I'm glad i actually blogged tonight. My friend Aditi told me not to stop posting cause its "Blogicide" apparently, and this rings in my head. blasted conscience.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mushroom soup for the soul

Coughing like a barking seal in bed, I regret playing holi yesterday. I have a shoot lined up today 4scenes, 3 locations. Im not going for 1. Lets see if im better by the evening. I have to make it to the shoot. Im the bloody DoP for crying out loud. Cant let someone steal my credit.Plus Indira spoke to me in college about her Av that she needs shot. That is the next project coming right up after Ronjoy's finishes.
Anyway, mushroom soup tastes divine when you throat is fucked. Just had some for lunch with dal khichdi. I'll eat anything anyone gives me now. Don't care much for the taste. Meryl is back from Delhi today, she's been constantly tweeting and putting up pics of all the good stuff she's been eating. Not only does she tweet about them, but also tags me so i feel worse. Some friend she is. The good news is that she's getting back a lot of food from there this evening, which i hope I'm able to eat. Looking at my state now i think it'll be over before i get a bite. I was going to ask my sister to send some kebabs but Meryl just got them herself.
So about the shoot, there is a party sequence and a fight sequence with Aban and Tanvir. Ronjoy is super buzzed right now, everything is going wrong. he leaves for allahabad on thursday and we have a hell lot to shoot.
He was a little drunk yesterday when he dropped me home, he told me the shots in all his other music videos have come out really well, and he thanked me for being there for the shoots. It kind of felt really nice, like this wind just entered my lungs and passed by.
I've had some really amazing times with this guy, will write a post on the Alibag shoot trip soon. That is another adventure.

Past Idiocracy + Engg Friends

Well about this whole new blog identity. I was reading through my past blog. again a very wannabe blog with film reviews and crap and a friend's hormonal problems.
(not that i wont write film reviews on this one, just that then it was wannabe).
so i imported a few of the interesting articles into this blog. one really intriguing article is about this friend, Sidharth Kumar bitching about my direction when we made a film in 12th std. and how he thought he was too cool. he went on to do engg after taking a break for a year in the 12th and now studies in PESIT, bangalore (with his parents wishes)

Most of my friends from that time are doing really well. Nikhil Rabindra for example moves in to Georgia tech and is a music director there for his acapella group Taal Tadka. He certainly has grown a lot. He composed a track for my recent short film "Wit". I'll put up the video soon. Another friend, Shubham left Engg after 2 years and is now looking at studying design. Hope he come to my college. I'll have some great company that way. Abhin another great friend, well he is still stuck with the blasted Electrical Engg.

Goes to show that some of us get to do what we want, some of us dont. But it all works out in the end.
We were seeds from the same plant

Sunday, March 20, 2011

holi maare bheje mein !!

Yes! I know its a new blog and I'm trying to be cool using puns and rhymes and what not. but yes holi finally did happen. i was tricked into it though. having this serious infection, i was called for lunch only to be bathed in colors dipped in beer due to the lack of water. I was pretty darned pissed,and also not knowing half the people who smeared color all over me, and pretended to be my long lost friends.
But as they say,"In INDIA , you have to give in". that followed by a lot of dance and fun and good lunch at Punjabi Dhaaba. We came back and played a little more.
just as we were leaving, the seniors started their gossip session. this was another highlight of today. the bitching the cursing. Oh what entertainment!!!!
either way my point being, you just have to give in.
I figured this out and put a few pictures up. hope you guys like 'em.

Almost here !

Well there is still a lot to setup. Darned social media didn't exist as profoundly when i blogged last. those were stupid innocent days. with Caroline writing about everything in her life and me trying to be cool by posting poetry i came up with in physics class. things sure have changed a lot since then. A lot. the idea of now just writing and waiting for people to find you seems preposterous. its time you take your stuff to people.
Anyway this very cool blog post will soon be updating on my twitter page. awesome ain't it? sab kuch ho jaata hai.
well now about the name. I'm a stuck up idiot. compulsorily have to think of something different and non cliche for my new blog. the very obvious. i came up with the name when i had a look at my feet this morning. known for running around bare foot and collecting muck on my soles. this had to be the name.
plus there is pun on the work "jam". khoob bhalo.
Also its holi today. I'm not sure if i should play. its rather tempting, but i have this horrible cold and throat infection.
i need to figure out how to use this blog from my phone. i know no one is reading this post. but in case you do and know how to let me know. also i need to know how to put up pictures. my tech brains are dying. need to get them back.
well that's all for now.
happy holi :)

Come in Already!

Well this entry is just so i can set this blog up. blah blah RSS, twitter, facebook. loads of linking.
so let me type this one more line and i'll post again explaining my new blog and why i call it the random name on top.