Wednesday, April 20, 2011


This city definitely deserves a mention. A few days ago before i came back from Pune again. I wasn't looking forward to the trip at all. I was beaten down with work, frustrated, nervous about my internship, but bangalore has its way of getting you back on your feet. THE WEATHER, yes the weather drives you mad, it does not scorch your brain when its sunny, it doesn't soak you into a fever when it rains. It just remains pleasant letting you go about your business and have a happy day.

Yesterday, while i ran errands for brother and had to repair my mac. The mac is still in a bad condition, but i got a guy to fix his iphone and his shoes. So its quiet sorted. While on this tour around the city, it started to drizzle and rain. Having brought my mac along i was frustrated and looked up to the sky and asked god, "why? what do you have against me? My mac doesn't work to begin with and now you bring in rain to spoil it further". No sooner did i finish my conversation with god than my phone rang. It was Aditya from bombay, who had called to confirm my internship. This also meant that i owed god an apology and had to rephrase my comments on him. The drizzle died out too. I also met abhin along the way which made last evening quiet fruitful.
Another thing I die for in this city is the biryani, which reminds me that I'm invited to Abhin's place for dinner.
The Royal Challengers are much spoken about. Must start following cricket before its too late. the only thing me and dad loved.


  1. I like Bangalore. What i have against it, are the pubs and the language. Screws me over. yumm numm and whatever!

  2. yumm numm?? the pubs is a part of what bangalore is known for "the pub city". what do you have against kannada (local language)?

  3. Yumm numm, The accent.
    Pubs, well delhi has got the cream! Banglore cant beat it.
    Not against the language, but against the fact that i lived there for like 4 months and couldn't learn even HII and HELLO in that language.
    Its confusing and frankly, doesn't sound so good!

  4. It is Quiet funny. the comment above is but inevitable. but it happened.
    And many would agree with me. A delhite has no right to talk about accents, language, etc to a freaking BANGALOREAN !!!

    PS - thanks for the laughs :) Delhites are known for thier ignorance and are a perfect example of the "Big fish small pond" theory

  5. I am not a delhite :) Infact, i have visited delhi just once... lived there only for a week. So, sorry to break your imaginary bubble.. but i am not a delhite and still think delhi's better :)

  6. you're worse than a delhite? Gosh !!!

  7. I like Bengaluru.
    Cool climate. Hot guys. :D

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