Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I'm shooting these two AVs for the degree show in college. One is about this girl in an evening dress running around palaces and mirrors and stuff. Its sort of inspired from this video here. The other is a greek collection, so we're trying to portray this greek goddess in the middle of a busy Indian market.
Yesterday's recce was completely pointless. I waited for this gentleman in his office cause i needed permission to shoot at the aga khan palace. Aga Khan Palace happens to be the ideal shoot for my AV. he went off for lunch and never came back. I searched for atleast half an hour to find an ATM and then finally ate food in a cheap chinese joint. Anurag, who came along to click a few snaps had to leave by then, so we didnt end up doing the recce at all.
Today however was beautiful. I got this colorful market, not very far from where i stay, beautiful to shoot at, I've put some pictures below. Plus Vigya came along today, she's a lot of fun. She even bought me ice cream.
I think I'll shoot the greek video tomorrow. I'll keep posting on twitter about the shoots, be sure to follow.

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