Sunday, December 18, 2011

i now return

I don't really know how to start this again. I feel so disconnected already. Sorry for being away, i get easily distracted. But, on the other hand i have so much news to share which also i dont know where to start from.
after my last blogpost, The Dirty Picture happened to me. I got to intern there, and thats a whole book of a story if i begin to tell. A film of mine got an international award, i've been shooting like mad. I hate my new blackberry, it doesn't let me take great pictures to upload here. Also i will be starting a new page just to post all my film work here soon. That should be fun. So this is a trailer of what's to come, "puri phillum baaki hai".
wait on posts about - the dirty picture, the storyteller, vanshaj kapur films, toffee, life, love and more. :)

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